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PUMA Experiments with the Sustainable Re:Suede

PUMA Experiments with the Sustainable Re:Suede

PUMA is introducing its new sneaker as part of a pilot project. It is a sustainable version of the classic PUMA Suede, which is highly sought after by fans. The new PUMA Re:Suede is set to drop next year and is made of a range of innovative materials including zeologically tanned suede, biodegradable TPE, and hemp fibres.

It's no coincidence that sporting goods manufacturers like PUMA are placing more and more emphasis on sustainability. Labels continue to focus on recycling, and now, the label with the wild cat is joining the trend. 500 participants from all over Germany will be wearing the PUMA Re:Suedes for six months and test their durability and functionality before sending the sneakers back to PUMA. After returning the shoes, PUMA will be conducting an industrial biodegradation process to determine if Grade A compost can be produced from the Re:Suedes.

"In 2012, our ambitions for the circular economy were bold, but the technology wasn't quite there yet. As the saying goes, in every challenge, there is an opportunity — and we have continued to improve using our strengths but also recognising and improving our weaknesses," says PUMA Creative Director Heiko Desens. "We hope that the progress we've made in the RE:SUEDE 'No Time For Waste' experiment will help us continue to raise the bar for the circular economy — so that our consumers can make better fashion choices in the future, so that their sneakers can go 'from Suede to Soil' without compromising on product style or durability during ownership."


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