Reebok Releases a "Boktober" Collection With Three Silhouettes |
Reebok Releases a "Boktober" Collection With Three Silhouettes

Reebok Releases a "Boktober" Collection With Three Silhouettes

Update 07.10.2020

Now, the detailed photos of the Reebok Question Mid "Boktober" are out, too. In addition, the official release date was announced in some other regions. In the USA, the complete Reebok "Boktober" collection will drop on October 14th. In the UK, the confirmation is, unfortunately, still missing.

The Reebok Question Mid "Boktober" has the clean "alabaster" colour and a tear-away upper. Underneath is a creepy Halloween print, and a glow-in-the-dark sole completes the colourway.

Original article 02.10.2020

Halloween will definitely be great this year. Once again, Reebok is celebrating the sweet festival with individual sneakers based on the "Drip or Treat" idea this year. A total of three retro basketball silhouettes are included in the Reebok "Boktober" collection, and each model has creepy prints and features on the upper.

Let's start with the Reebok Shaqnosis "Boktober". This model has a black base and large white cobwebs on the upper. But in our opinion, its best element is the sole, which glows in the dark.

The second sneaker from the Reebok "Boktober" collection is the Reebok Question Mid "Boktober". Actually, it is a rather unspectacular sneaker, because the sole and the upper are very clean. But the loud details are underneath the upper. You can remove the upper layer and reveal creepy prints.

The last model is the Reebok Kamikaze II "Boktober". The sneakers mix theme-oriented colours like orange and black and have special insoles with Halloween prints.

The Reebok "Boktober" Collection Contains Three Silhouettes

Supposedly, the sneakers from the Reebok "Boktober" collection should have been released at Reebok on October 2nd. Perhaps the release will be delayed for a few days.


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