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Reebok's Kamikaze Is Now Called Hurrikaze

Reebok's Kamikaze Is Now Called Hurrikaze

The Reebok Kamikaze has been one of the most attractive and best basketball sneakers since 1994. NBA All-Stars legend Shawn Kemp made the silhouette famous, but despite its popularity, the shoe's name can still be misinterpreted. People often associate the name with World War II Japan, where pilots used their own planes as suicide bombers.

Originally, the sporting goods company gave Shawn Kemp's sneaker the name to allude to his aggressive style of play. With his brutal dunks and post moves, the basketball player from the Seattle Supersonics intimidated his opponents. Nevertheless, some fans find the name of the Reebok Kamikaze offensive to a certain extent. Reebok now wants to distract us from this thought with a new name. Therefore, the label has decided to use the name Hurrikaze instead.

"We have a responsibility to take responsibility, learn, and evolve as a brand, and while we can't change the past, we can definitely effect change for our future," said Portia Blunt, Reebok's VP of Global Apparel and Human Rights Award Officer. "With this change, we're signalling growth and recognising the impact words have on the people we serve in our diverse global sneaker community."

When You Can Start Buying the New Reebok Hurrikaze

Only the name of the shoe will change from Reebok Kamikaze to Reebok Hurrikaze. No other changes will take place. From March 2022, you will find mixed stock on   

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