Sean Wotherspoon and ASICS Release a Corduroy-Covered Sneaker |
Sean Wotherspoon and ASICS Release a Corduroy-Covered Sneaker

Sean Wotherspoon and ASICS Release a Corduroy-Covered Sneaker

Update 06.08.2020

The three-headed collab of the GEL-LYTE III was released at the end of June and was one of the best drops of the summer. Now, it seems that Sean Wotherspoon, atmos and ASICS will be releasing the artistic sneaker with interchangeable patches in other regions as well. Retailers like Footpatrol from London or other retailers in LA have announced a drop in the near future on their respective pages.

Characteristic features include materials such as corduroy and the many elements that can be interchanged. In addition, the shoes have the typical brandings of the well-known partners on each foot.

Allegedly, the sneakers will drop on August 7th at Footpatrol. So, be prepared for a surprise drop.

pics by Footpatrol 

Update 19.06.2020

After many weeks, the collaborative sneakers from Sean Wotherspoon, atmos and ASICS are finally getting an official release date. The GEL-Lyte III from the three-man collaboration will be released later this month.

The sneakers are a mixture of Tokyo and Los Angeles cultures and are here to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the silhouette. It comes with a colourful and elaborate corduroy make-over that we rarely see. These characteristics make this sneaker very desirable. In addition, the model has co-brandings on the insoles and an asymmetrical colourway. The right sneaker is dressed with light and summery colours, while the left sneaker is overlaid with green and purple shades.

There are also important aspects that the sneaker has to offer here: the tiger stripes from ASICS can be changed and will be available in a total of five colours. You can choose between red, green, blue, yellow and black.

More Details On the Sean Wotherspoon x atmos x ASICS GEL-Lyte III

In addition to the sneakers, some tees and accessories will also be released. On June 27th, the collab will be released at the atmos online store — unfortunately not quite attainable for us. The sneakers cost 17.500 JPY (approx. 146€) while the children's sizes cost 8.000 JPY (approx. 67€).   

pics by atmos, Round Two 

Update 17.03.2020

According to the new pictures Round Two has just uploaded, the official release information of the SW x Atmos x Asics GEL-Lyte III will soon follow.

You have to draw a picture of the three owners (Sean, Luke, and Chris) in front of one of the store's three locations and upload it to Instagram by March 21st. The winner will be chosen at 8:00 in the evening.

Round Two also confirms that absolutely anyone in the world can enter the competition. This is because the post on Instagram says, "Anyone in the world can enter, we'll send these shoes to Antarctica if we have to!"

Update 21.11.2019

Last month, Sean Wotherspoon showed a collaborative ASICS sneaker with a corduroy upper. Until then, it was not clear whether it was a SW x atmos x ASICS collab or only an atmos x ASICS one. Meanwhile, Sean has confirmed that it is in fact a three-way collab among him, ASICS Japan, and atmos.

Recently, Sean Wotherspoon has published even more pictures of the new ASICS GEL-Lyte III on Instagram. The sneakers come with several customizable patches that you can put on the sneakers. This way, you get to create your own new and individual look.

With this awesome feature, you can combine the colourful corduroy sneakers with various logos, tongue patches, and laces. The collab is then rounded off with a special shoe box from SW x atmos x ASICS.

A release date is still pending, however, and we have to wait a while before we can catch a pair. On Instagram, Sean Wotherspoon himself describes the sneakers as basically "early samples" as of now.

Original article 30.10.2019

This could just be Sean Wotherspoon's next big thing! The designer of the biggest sneaker of 2018, the Nike Air Max 1 / 97, recently showed a collab with ASICS on Instagram. The leaks featured an ASICS GEL-Lyte III, which is apparently covered with corduroy.

Since the Nike Air Max 1 / 97 SW, we know that the Round Two co-founder has a knack for extraordinary and unique styles. Even if you can only see a small part of it on the pictures, you will undoubtedly recognize Sean's taste and preference for classic materials and strong colours.

Corduroy is a cotton fabric made with a distinct pattern of velvety longitudinal ribs. Both sneakers are covered with the typical English fabric, while different colours like blue, green, and red meet the individual inserts. Velcro fasteners are also clearly visible on the pictures—an indication that individual parts may be interchangeable.

Additionally, you can see an atmos logo on the left heel. The right heel is blurred and its design cannot be identified. Therefore, we can’t really tell if it is actually an atmos x Sean Wotherspoon collab or an atmos x ASICS one.

Which sneaker collab awaits us then? 

With the colours and fabric shown, the shoe could go off with a violent release. Of course, we will stay tuned and inform you as soon as next updates are out. Get the Grailify app and stay up to date.

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