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adidas Yeezy 1050 Hi-Res

Unfortunately, these shoes are no longer available through retailers.

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adidas Yeezy 1050 Hi-Res Release News

Hardly anyone has come up with as many futuristic silhouettes as Kanye West and adidas lately. The two partners are not afraid to try out new things and come up with completely new creations.

First spotted at a DONDA listening party in July 2021, the adidas Yeezy 1050 is arguably the perfect example of the artist's creativity with its bold and tall shape.

adidas Yeezy 1050 Hi-Res Release Info

The first offshoot of the brand-new silhouette comes straight out of the box with an incredibly eye-catching colour scheme, highlighting the model's unusual textures all the more. Almost the entire shoe is wrapped in bright orange, which is contrasted by a tan colour that is found on the tongue and the entire inner lining.

The Yeezy 1050 replaces the traditional lacing system with a zip that runs from the tongue to the front third of the shoe. Almost the entire shoe is wrapped in a rubberised material, with the collar featuring some kind of mesh. In general, Kanye goes for a chunky design again with the latest model.

Where You Can Buy the adidas Yeezy 1050 Hi-Res

Unfortunately, not too much info on the adidas Yeezy 1050 Hi-Res is available so far, and there's no sign of official images either, but it is expected to be released in December 2021 at adidas and selected retailers. All further updates can be found here and in the free Grailify app.

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