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Air Jordan 1 Low SE Mighty Swooshers

Unfortunately, these shoes are no longer available through retailers.

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Product details

Air Jordan
Football Grey/ Ghost- Aluminum- Polar
Release date

Product description

Air Jordan 1 Low SE Mighty Swooshers Release News

The Air Jordan 1 Low has become very bold. It tries new and unusual colourways and sometimes even overshadows its higher counterparts. Next up, the sneaker doesn't try any new colours, but the motifs are completely alien to the silhouette. Courtesy of the "Nike And the Mighty Swooshers" collection, the AJ1 Low gets a new colourway.

Air Jordan 1 Low SE Mighty Swooshers Release Info

The "Nike And the Mighty Swooshers" collection is well known to us. A unique Nike Air Force 1/1 has already been revealed, leading the collection with colourful removable anime patches. Now, the Air Jordan 1 Low also plays a role in this comic, although its colourway is rather restrained. Above, the smooth leather is divided into light blue, purple, and white, with the soles having an icy finish. But then, take a look under the shoes—that's where you'll find a manga-themed graphic.

Where You Can Buy the Air Jordan 1 Low SE Mighty Swooshers

Nike hasn't announced a release date yet, but some fans probably can't wait for the drop. We'll keep an eye on things and let you know if there are any updates.

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