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Jurassic World x Reebok The Answer DMX

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Stone / Cliff Stone / Parched Earth
Jurassic World
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Jurassic World x Reebok The Answer DMX Release News

Reebok has released a variety of silhouettes throughout its history and regularly updates them with modifications and new colour combos. However, there is one thing the label is particularly good at: collaborations with trendy brands. Each collaboration is always realised with a lot of attention to detail and brings unique designs to light every time. This year has seen the release of Jurassic World "Dominion", a new movie about the world of artificially bred dinosaurs, and Reebok has jumped at the chance to release a fitting and extensive sneaker collection.

Jurassic World x Reebok The Answer DMX Release Info

The Jurassic World x Reebok The Answer DMX features an olive upper with a smooth leather upper. The sneaker is reminiscent of the giant Giganotosaurus, which is considered the largest carnivore on earth. Accordingly, reptile-like materials and dark striped patterns are used, which in combination with the chunky aesthetics of the sneaker really remind us of the gigantic dinosaur. Aggressive and pointed scales complete the overall design.

Where You Can Buy the Jurassic World x Reebok The Answer DMX

The entire Jurassic World x Reebok sneaker collection will be released on August 25th via the Reebok online shop at 10:00 CEST. To make sure you don't miss the drop under any circumstances, it's best to download our free Grailify app.

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