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TLDR: The MSCHF 2×4 Boot, a striking transformation of the classic Timberland "Wheat" boot, is set to launch on March 19, 2024, priced at $400 USD. Revealed by Chicago designer Don Co, this creation from the Brooklyn-based collective flips the outsole pattern to the upper and extends the tread across the toe box and heel counter, showcasing a Roblox-level exaggeration of the traditional boot silhouette. Available on and the MSCHF Sneakers app, this innovative design combines audacity with artistry, featuring luxury details and a playful nod to Louis Vuitton x Timberland collaborations.

MSCHF, the creative collective renowned for its boundary-pushing projects, is gearing up to release its latest innovation, the 2×4 Boot. This daring reinterpretation of Timberland's iconic 6-inch "Wheat" boot is amplified with exaggerated features and a unique outsole pattern that extends across the upper, toe box, and heel counter. The boot, adorned with black padded leather collars and construction boot laces, merges comfort with an unparalleled aesthetic.

The design incorporates luxury-style elements reminiscent of Louis Vuitton x Timberland collaborations, with eyelets and toe box designs mirroring the Louis Vuitton blossom pattern. This blend of rugged construction and high fashion showcases MSCHF's talent for spoofing traditional designs with a modern twist.

When does the MSCHF 2×4 Boot release?

Mark your calendars for March 19, 2024, when the MSCHF 2×4 Boot is set to make its debut on and the MSCHF Sneakers app, shaking up the footwear industry with its innovative design and $400 USD price tag.

Where can I buy the MSCHF 2×4 Boot?

Fashion enthusiasts and sneakerheads eager to make a bold statement can purchase the 2×4 Boot directly through and the MSCHF Sneakers app, ensuring they own a piece of MSCHF's latest foray into unconventional design.

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