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Naruto x Crocs Classic Clog "Naruto"

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TLDR: The long-awaited Naruto x Crocs collaboration is finally here, officially releasing on February 28, 2024, with a collection that perfectly marries the world of anime with the iconic comfort of Crocs clogs. Featuring two main colorways inspired by Naruto Uzumaki and Kakashi Hatake, these clogs come adorned with unique Naruto-inspired Jibbitz, embodying the essence of the beloved characters. Priced at 70€ for adults and 60€ for grade school, this collection is available at Crocs' website, including a separate pack of thematic Jibbitz, ensuring fans of all ages can enjoy this anime-themed footwear.

The Naruto x Crocs collaboration brings to life two iconic characters from the Naruto Shippuden series through meticulously designed Classic Clogs. The Naruto Uzumaki clog shines in vibrant orange, mirroring his iconic outfit, complete with Jibbitz that capture his spirit and powers. The Kakashi Hatake clog, in signature green, features Jibbitz that reflect his mysterious persona and ninja skills, including his favorite book and the Anbu mask.

Further expanding the collection, three additional pairs pay homage to Minato Namikaze, Jiraiya, Sasuke, and Itachi, each designed with color schemes, Jibbitz, and textures that reflect their distinctive styles and stories. These clogs not only offer a comfortable, casual wear experience but also serve as a canvas for fans to express their love for the Naruto series.

Following successful collaborations with Demon Slayer, ASICS, and Jordan Brand, Naruto's venture into the footwear scene with Crocs highlights the manga series' enduring popularity and cultural impact.

When does the Naruto x Crocs Classic Clog release?

Mark your calendars for February 28, 2024, as the Naruto x Crocs Classic Clogs collaboration makes its official debut. This collection offers a unique opportunity for fans to wear their favorite anime characters in a stylish and comfortable manner.

Where can I buy the Naruto x Crocs Classic Clog?

Available exclusively on Crocs' website, this collaboration invites fans to step into the world of Naruto Shippuden with a pair of clogs that blend iconic anime aesthetics with the unparalleled comfort of Crocs. Whether you're a fan of Naruto, Kakashi, or any of the other featured characters, this collection promises to deliver both style and comfort.

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