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Stone Island - All You Need to Know About the Label

Stone Island - All You Need to Know About the Label

Update 19.07.2021

Stone Island presented its new Autumn/Winter '021 '022 collection on Instagram a few days ago, and the first pieces are now online. You'll find a few highlights in the shop, like a hooded blouson in lightweight Tela, woven with Japanese polyester/polyamide yarns with a star-shaped cross section. There's also a down jacket with high-tenacity yarns and Stone Island's technological nylon with an iridescent effect. Check out the great selection at Stone Island.

Update 08.07.2020 

At FARFETCH you can now find the latest pieces from the new Stone Island Shadow Project Spring Summer '21 collection. The label has unveiled its new arrivals again and the retailer already has them in the shop. Be quick and get your hands on the latest clothes before the others do. The first sizes of some pieces are already gone.

Original article 14.02.2020

If there's one luxury brand that is currently seen the most on the streets, it is the label Stone Island. The brand has been working on leisurewear since 1982, using only the best fibres and fabrics. The innovative design and modern look must never be neglected. Art director and intellectual, Massimo Osti founded Stone Island almost 40 years ago in Ravarino, in the Italian province of Modena.

A short time later, another genius joined him. Carlo Rivetti took over 50% of Osti's label in 1983. In 1993, the complete takeover came with Rivetti's sister Christina. Today, we see a complete and huge company that has made a big name for itself in the streetwear sector.

The brand Stone Island has reached cult status especially with the younger generation. Hypebeasts identify themselves with the clothes and the new styles. But, why is Stone Island actually so hyped? Well, the answer is not really that obvious. If you are looking for Stone Island, you will soon realize that the brand is very expensive. But, the team behind it definitely swears by the innovative design and high-tech materials. A combination of years of research, study, and streetwear aesthetics has led to its great success.

Stone Island

What makes Stone Island?

We hope that this doesn't drive away the ladies from the brand. This is because Stone Island is in fact an all-male brand. Back then, the founder created the first pieces for the sailors on the ship. Apparently, that's why the brand hasn't quite lost its deep roots. Nevertheless, women do celebrate the label as well and don't seem to want to do without it.

The compass is an icon in the fashion world. Besides the innovative design and the high-tech materials, the badge has a high recognition value. The compass badge usually sits on the upper left sleeve. In most cases, you can take it off, but nobody absolutely does. In the past, the rectangular fabric label had a green border. In 2000, the designers made some changes and decided to use a black border instead.

Stone Island - The New Collection

In the meantime, we can no longer imagine Stone Island without it. Retailers and influencers continue to show us the great selection at Stone Island today. With new collections, Stone Island only gains more value and firmly secures its place in the fashion industry. Meanwhile, Stone Island not only evidently offers clothes, but retailers also show its newest and finest collection.

Besides the Stone Island shop, we have also selected other retailers where you can buy the latest apparel.

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