Supreme and Nike Unveil Latest Apparel Collaboration for Spring/Summer
Supreme and Nike Unveil Latest Apparel Collaboration for Spring/Summer 2024

Supreme and Nike Unveil Latest Apparel Collaboration for Spring/Summer 2024

TLDR: Supreme is teaming up with Nike again to launch an extensive apparel collection on 18 April 2024. The line includes water-repellent ripstop jumpers, track trousers, denim puffer waistcoats, mesh tops and more, combining streetwear aesthetics with functional sportswear.

Supreme continues its celebrated partnership with Nike and presents a new apparel collection that combines the street style of Supreme with the athletic innovation of Nike. The collection includes a variety of pieces, from outerwear to accessories, all showcasing the signature branding and design ethos of both brands.

The collection features functional pieces such as water-repellent nylon ripstop jumpers and tracksuit bottoms, each with twill logo appliqués. Denim pieces such as shorts and uniquely designed puffer waistcoats also stand out, incorporating a blend of robust material and stylish design. For casual and sportswear, the collection includes mesh tops, hoodies, waistcoats and a selection of hats and sweatpants, all designed to fit seamlessly into both street and sports environments.

Each piece in the collection reflects a careful fusion of Supreme's bold streetwear flair and Nike's progressive approach to sportswear, recognisable in the design elements and material choices. The pieces utilise a colour palette of red, white, grey and black, offering versatile options for fashion-conscious consumers. Highlights include the dusk-like gradient colour on the ripstop pullover and track pants, as well as the Poly Dazzle S/S shirt and crusher, giving the collection a retro and nostalgic vibe.

When will the Supreme x Nike clothing collection be released?

The Supreme x Nike apparel collection is scheduled for 18 April 2024. It will be available exclusively through Supreme's online platforms and its physical shops. In Asia, the collection will be available from 20 April 2024.

Where can I buy the Supreme x Nike clothing collection?

This highly anticipated collection will be available for purchase directly from the Supreme online shop and in shops.

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