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The Doernbecher XIX Collection Was Presented

The Doernbecher XIX Collection Was Presented

Update 08.11.2023

Just yesterday we introduced you to the entire Doernbecher collection and today on-foot pictures of the Air Jordan 3 have surfaced. The sneaker looks even better worn than in the original pictures. 

pics by @swoosh_head23

Original article 07.11.2023

The time has come again. This year's Doernbecher XIX collection has finally been unveiled. The six-piece collection, created by OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital patients, consists of an Air Jordan 3, Nike Air Max 1 '86, Nike Dunk High, Nike Cortez, Nike Go FlyEase and Nike ACG Mountain Fly 2 Low.

With the Doernbecher collections, we not only see cool sneakers from young talents, but also learn the story behind them. But that's not all, of course. Nike always donates all profits from this collection to the OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital. This has already raised 33 million dollars in recent years. But let's take a look at the sneakers and their designers.

Hugo Covarrubias Molina: Air Jordan 3 “Doernbecher XIX” (FZ3030-919)

Hugo "Juice" was born with a rare condition that causes one side of his body to be bigger than the other. But Hugo has learnt to deal with it and now encourages other children to become just as strong.

The Air Jordan 3 wears the colours green and blue, just like his favourite football team, the Seattle Seahawks. Hugo is also very fond of gold chains. He has attached this accessory as a hangtag for the Jordan, which can also be used as a pendant on his necklace. He has immortalised his two heroes, his mother and his father, on the inner tongue. He has deliberately left the other side blank so that the future wearer can inscribe his heroes there.

His personal, handwritten motto "It's OK to be different" can also be found on the bright green outsole.

Hailey Leyva: Nike Air Max 1 ’86 "Doernbecher XIX" (FZ3021-919)

Hailey's fate is non-functioning heart valves. She has had five operations because of this and wanted to honour her difficult journey with a special heart-inspired sneaker. The logo on the tongue and insole is Hailey's unique heart and the gold accents on the sneaker are meant to represent her shining personality. As a little bonus, she has added some of her favourite things, such as a dog or a dinosaur, as charms that can be worn on the shoe or as a bracelet.

Macey Bodily: Nike Dunk High "Doernbecher XIX" (FZ3026-919)

"She believed she could, so she did" is Macey's motto. And this phrase naturally takes pride of place on the outsole of the Nike Dunk High. The overlays on the sneaker are decorated in a beautiful floral pattern. There is also a grey bow on the side of the sneaker, which is intended to show that she has survived a brain tumour. However, there is a very funny detail on the tongue. On the front you can see a cookie and on the back the recipe for it. Macey loves baking!

Sydney Little: Nike Cortez "Doernbecher XIX" (FZ3020-919)

Sydney suffers from arthritis, but doesn't let the pain of her illness get her down. She is a competitive swimmer and very talented artist. Her Cortez is a walking masterpiece, because she painted the patterns and flowers on this trainers herself! You can also change the patches on the heel so that you can wear it to suit your own taste. The bright lines on the outsole are designed to reflect the waves in a swimming pool.

Christopher Musquiz Jr.: Nike Go FlyEase “Doernbecher XIX” (FZ3028-919)

Chris was riding his bike to school one morning when he was hit by a car. Although he lost a leg in the accident, he refused to let it get him down. He loves Japanese culture and wanted to visualise it on the Nike Go FlyEase. The sneaker features a wave pattern, a kimono-inspired wrap design and a cool graphic of Mt Fuji on the tongue. a very cute detail can be seen in the insole. There you will find your favourite animal, a panda, hanging out with him at his favourite place, the beach.

Garrett Amerson: Nike ACG Mountain Fly 2 Low “Doernbecher XIX” (FZ3024-919)

Garrett was born 15 weeks prematurely and weighed just 650g. He is now 14 years old and has found a passion for science, learnt to love chess and collects historic hats. Garrett's shoe is an ode to the Pacific Northwest, with trees, mountains and a waterfall cascading down the tongue. He's even added realistic mud splatters so you don't have to worry about him getting dirty.

The six incredibly successful sneakers will unfortunately only be released in the USA on 2 December. We will then only have the option of purchasing them on Stockx.

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