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Union LA and Nike bring back the "Field General"

Union LA and Nike bring back the "Field General"

Update 28.06.2024

Next, Nike will release the official "Black" and "Ivory". A final release date for Nike SNKRS has not yet been set, but it is expected to drop in the next few days.

Update 24.06.2024

The official images of the Union LA x Nike Field General "Shimmer" are online. A final release date for the sneakers could also be set. According to rumours, the model is set to drop on 27 June.

Update 02.02.2024

After only a few weeks, there are finally updates regarding the Union LA x Nike Field General! According to the original rumours, we already knew that we could probably expect several colourways of the collaborative sneaker. This has now turned out to be true, as images of a dark version with blue accents have been spotted. But we also have fresh pictures of the reddish version for you, which show off the shoe even better. As far as a release date is concerned, however, it is still very quiet, which is why we will probably have to be patient for a while yet.

pics by Sneaker News

Original article 19.01.2024

It looks like Union LA and Nike are teaming up once again, this time choosing a rather unknown silhouette as the cornerstone for the collaboration.
The Nike Field General is a shoe from the 80s and is rather unknown these days, last reissued 10 years ago in 2014.

But honestly? The style has enormous potential. It is somewhat reminiscent of a slightly more distinctive Dunk and with Union LA, Nike has a partner that is ideally suited to making a silhouette really popular.

The last Union LA releases were all banger and insta sellouts, so this style will certainly be no exception.

Release of the Union LA x Nike Field General

Insiders are reporting several colourways that we can expect in summer 2024. So far, these rumours are unconfirmed, but the first images of a "Shimmer/Silt Red" style have been shared by insider kicksdong via Instagram.

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