Vibram Customises Their Sneakers with Their New N-OIL Material |
Vibram Customises Their Sneakers with Their New N-OIL Material

Vibram Customises Their Sneakers with Their New N-OIL Material

When it comes to the design of sneakers, the focus is usually on the upper and its colour and material variations. Yet there is one element that lays the foundation and hardly gets the recognition it deserves: the outsole. The world-renowned sole specialist Vibram now wants to change that - with a special N-OIL programme for its own shoes.

The company is launching its Vibram Sole Factor Mobile Lab at the end of 2020. The aim is to introduce shoe lovers to their brand new Vibram N-OIL sole. N-OIL is a sustainable rubber material that is made from over 90% natural ingredients and also relies on colour pigments that are entirely plant-based. This is really a big step considering that other environmentally conscious brands have given up on developing a similar sole - simply because it is so complicated.

With the Sole Factor Mobile Lab, Vibram now offers to provide both sneakers and boots with a new N-OIL outsole. After registration, Vibram experts contact the users to discuss the technical feasibility. Participants can choose between the classic Carrarmato tread for boots and a flat version for sneakers. The shoes then go to the brand's labs where they are resoled. After receiving their freshly oiled pair, participants can give their feedback to Vibram and share their experiences.

Did you know that?
Italy-based Vibram has been the world leader in high-performance rubber soles for more than 80 years. Brands such as Maison Margiela, New Balance, 1017 ALYX Our Legacy and Thom Browne have already used Vibram soles in their innovative sneaker designs.

Vibram N-OIL Adaptation Programme

If you want the chance to equip your sneakers with a new Vibram N-OIL outsole, sign up now on the campaign website. Applications are open from November 18th to November 30th, 2020.
Available spaces are limited and the entire process is free for the first lucky participants. Those who do not have access to the personalisation service will receive a discount voucher to have their shoes personalised. This is possible at one of the Vibram partners across Europe.

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