What if? Here’s how Marvel Eternals Sneakers Would Look Like |
What if? Here’s how Marvel Eternals Sneakers Would Look Like

What if? Here’s how Marvel Eternals Sneakers Would Look Like

It's been two years since Avengers: Endgame hit the cinemas and turned out to be one of the most successful films of all time. Since then, countless fans have been waiting for a direct sequel to the exciting storyline and are happy about every little piece of information. But with the release of Marvel's Eternals on November 3rd, the time has finally come again and the Cinematic Universe will be complemented by another interesting plot. 

With the Eternals, a brand-new superhero squad is introduced that has been living in secrecy on Earth for millennia and observes events on the planet with restraint. They themselves are super-powered aliens in humanoid form, created by the so-called god-like Celestials. The plot of the latest film ties in with the events of Avengers: Endgame and focuses on the Deviants, an unknown new threat that forces even the previously hidden Eternals to intervene. 

With the introduction of a completely new squad, we can of course also look forward to many new superheroes with numerous exciting powers. The introduction of each hero was the perfect opportunity for us to design Eternals-inspired sneakers and put their epic outfits on a variety of models. We decided on three specific heroes whose costumes look particularly good on sneakers.

Nike Air Max 720 “Ikaris”

Ikaris first appeared in the Marvel Universe in 1976 and is one of the most powerful Eternals. The superhero played by Richard Madden has the characteristic abilities such as flying, but has immensely increased strength and can also fire energy beams from his eyes.

For Ikaris, we opted for the voluminous Air Max 720, which was equipped with a combination of deep blue and shiny gold. The wavy upper of the shoe is very reminiscent of the structures on Ikaris' outfit, which is further reinforced by the golden inserts on the heel and midsection. Of course, the fine lines on the shiny elements, which can also be found on Ikaris' costume, are not to be missed. The very present Air Max unit has also been given a blue coat of paint by us, with golden Eternal characters adorning the bubble. These are originally found on Ikaris' chest.

adidas Ultra Boost “Thena”

Thena is the daughter of the Eternal leader Zuras and is seen as a very gifted warrior. She once had a relationship with a Deviant, according to the comics, and changed her name from Azura to Thena in the past due to a pact with the Olympians. The heroine, portrayed by Angelina Jolie, also possesses the typical powers of the Eternals.

Thena's costume is particularly captivating due to the noble combination of white and gold as well as the very massive shoulder plates and fine lines. Accordingly, the legendary adidas Ultra Boost is perfect for showing off the details of her outfit to their best advantage. We have placed the shimmering gold on the three adidas stripes on the side on the one hand, but also on the line on the heel on the other. The Primeknit upper, the cage and the heel element stand out with their cream-coloured coating, while the Boost sole presents a pure white. To show off Thena's mighty energy powers, we added a shimmering effect to the woven upper.

Air Jordan 1 FlyEase “Makkari”

Makkari was originally male in the comics, but is now played by actress Lauren Ridloff. While Makkari possesses the typical Eternal abilities, she bundled all of her strength into her legs, making her incredibly fast.

For Makkari's sneaker, we used the Air Jordan 1 FlyEase silhouette and modified it a little. Accordingly, the characteristic loop and the zip on the heel are not found on the design. The striking red of Makkari's outfit has been placed on the overlays, the outsole, the Swoosh and the Jordan branding, which is simultaneously contrasted by the metallic grey on the leather base and the eyelets. The dotted midsole is a nod to the alien origins of the Eternals.


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