Y-3 S-GENDO RUN Brings a New Era of Sneaker Fashion on 12 March |
Y-3 S-GENDO RUN Brings a New Era of Sneaker Fashion on 12 March

Y-3 S-GENDO RUN Brings a New Era of Sneaker Fashion on 12 March

TLDR: Launching on 12 March for €450, the Y-3 S-GENDO RUN marks a new chapter in the partnership between adidas and Yohji Yamamoto, combining avant-garde aesthetics with cutting-edge performance. Inspired by the concept of 'Ma' and the beauty of negative space, this sneaker combines breathable mesh, suede, leather and advanced midsole technologies. Available in classic black and cream colours, it is a testament to Y-3's commitment to innovation and style.

adidas and Yohji Yamamoto's Y-3 line introduce the Y-3 S-GENDO RUN, evolving from the GENDO series with a design that pays tribute to the past and boldly steps into the future. The sneaker's design is a bold experiment with negative space and elevation, inspired by the Japanese concept of 'Ma', where empty space gives deeper meaning and form. This silhouette is not only a visual highlight, but also a marvel of functionality, equipped with a Lightstrike midsole and a hollow Pebax® plate for unrivalled comfort and a striking silhouette.

The Y-3 S-GENDO RUN challenges traditional sneaker design and combines futuristic form with practical functionality. The shoe's upper is made from nylon mesh anchored by suede contours and Yamamoto's signature, offering a unique look that is both runway-ready and street-ready. The all-black and off-white variants are in keeping with Y-3's nighttime sensibilities, offering options for those at the forefront of fashion and performance.

When will the adidas Y-3 S-GENDO RUN be released?

The eagerly awaited adidas Y-3 S-GENDO RUN is scheduled for release on 12 March.

Where can I buy the Y-3 S-GENDO RUN?

This innovative sneaker will be available exclusively on adidas.com at 15:00 GMT and is priced at 450€.

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