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KFC Celebrates Its Chicken with Crocs

KFC Celebrates Its Chicken with Crocs

You might not want to take a bite of that. KFC is a world-famous fast food chain. Only a few franchises sell this much chicken as the team behind Kentucky Fried Chicken. We're also totally celebrating KFC. But, should you really be carrying a bucket of fried chicken everywhere you go?

It sounds weird, but it is. This is because KFC and Crocs have both started a hilarious collab. On Instagram, KFC announces the fun collaboration that will actually come online soon. The comfortable foam kicks come with a playful style with a realistic fried chicken pattern. The lower section reminds of KFC's white/red bucket. The strap is held with a black Kentucky Fried Chicken x Crocs rivet. There are also two roast chicken style attachments for each pair. This would complete the overall crazy look.

At the moment, the partners do not want to give an exact release date. The drop is scheduled for spring 2020 and the price for the shoes is 60 USD. Whether it is a worldwide release is still unclear at this point.

pics by Crocs

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