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Nike Air Force 1 "Black" Pack with Premium Materials

Nike Air Force 1 "Black" Pack with Premium Materials

The Nike Air Force 1 is equipped with various unique materials and colours that have always been special in their own way. But, when both features are combined, the rest of sneaker world watches along holding its breath.

Hardly any other sneaker has shaped the sneaker community as much as the Nike Air Force 1. And, since 1982, it has certainly changed our style with thousands of rad versions. Almost every year, Nike reissues this famous classic again and again. Next up is a Nike Air Force 1 "Black" pack that features two special iterations. At first sight, the double pack doesn't really stand out that much. This is because other similar black and white colourways with luxurious leather already came out.

But, the special feature is the upper material. The black lacquer, as it wears off, exposes a light brown leather layer. We already know a similar version from the G-Dragon collab, which was indeed very popular.

The white pair, on the other hand, does not wear off like the black one. But, the premium white leather and the light brown details on the Swoosh and heel look just as good and don't need any other special features. Furthermore, both sneakers have gold eyelets that round off the overall design.

Do not miss the release of the Nike Air Force 1 "Black" pack. 

Supposedly, the said pack is due to be released this week. Some are already suspecting a drop on January 31. However, the pack has not been seen on any release calendar just yet.

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