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Nike Air Max 90 City Pack Takes a Tour of the World

Nike Air Max 90 City Pack Takes a Tour of the World

Nike is simply known for its famous packs. More often than not, several large packs drop each year, telling a sacred story on its own or paying a special tribute to an existing tradition. The Beaverton-based brand is in fact pushing the Nike Air Max 90 this year, so it shouldn’t be that surprising any more. The silhouette is turning an incredible 30 years old.

It's no wonder that the classic is scheduled for a reissue now, most of all. The Nike Air Max 90 City Pack is going on a big world tour, as each pair in the pack celebrates the workers around the world who move a lot in their respective cities. Each colourway will be completely unique, representing the cities and their noble workers.

Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY)

The firefighters in New York City are among those workers who tend to move around the city a lot. They save lives on a daily basis and thereby considered the to "move" the city of New York. An important part of their uniform is the reflective inserts. With that in mind, the Nike Air Max 90 "New York" comes with a yellow Swoosh that is highly reflective. The screwed-on "90" on the heel is a reference to the old firefighter helmets.

Parisian Bakers

Another highlight of this pack is the Nike Air Max 90 "Paris". The bakers of Paris are among the most inspiring people who no doubt "move" the city every morning. The white upper is reminiscent of their uniform, while the printed wheat insole and the logo "Baked Fresh Daily" describes the nature of their profession.

London's Postmen and Postwomen

Another important pair is the Nike Air Max 90 "London", which was inspired by the postmen in London. The upper material is inspired by the postman’s jacket. Additionally, co-founder Bill Bowerman immortalizes himself with a stamp right on the tongue.

Tokyo's Construction Workers

What would Tokyo be without its hard-working construction workers who take on the daily stress and chaos of the city? They are indeed the ones who “move” and work doubly hard on the streets. The tongue tags on the Nike Air Max 90 "Tokyo" are an allusion to the street signs and construction sites in Tokyo.

Shanghai Delivery Service Workers

The delivery service in Shanghai definitely "moves" the city daily. The Nike Air Max 90 "Shanghai" is designed especially to represent this. The tongue tag comes in the form of a receipt, which reminds of the best delivery service in Shanghai. Also, the 5-star rating on the side panels pays tribute to the undisputable service they maintain in Shanghai. 

All five sneakers will be released on January 30th at selected Nike shops and retailers. But, until now, the release in Germany has not yet been confirmed.

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