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A Transparent Nike Vandalized as wmns-Exclusive

A Transparent Nike Vandalized as wmns-Exclusive

Anyone who thinks that the new Vandalized silhouette has probably reached its peak last year is wrong. It is set to continue making waves in 2020 as the Nike Vandalized combines parts of the classic Nike Air Force 1 and at the same time brings its own characteristic features into the silhouette.

The upper is done in bleached white and also exposes many slits and shows the parts distinctively.  The seams, which are strongly emphasized, give the Vandalized an inside-out look. But, these are not the last details that stand out from the model. If you take a closer look, you'll recognize small details on the white upper. With ample light, the upper reflects flowers, birds, and other spring-inspired images.

Check out the new Nike Vandalized with a spring motif! 

Overall, the colour scheme of the transparent Nike Vandalized is reminiscent of the Nike Air Force 1 High GORE-TEX that was released just a few weeks ago. The release date and location are still unknown at this time. But, you might just expect a release in the next few days as the official pictures are already out.

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