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Nike Ends Partnership with Amazon

Nike Ends Partnership with Amazon

There is always a black sheep in every family. In the sneaker world, this is the equivalent of the production of counterfeit sneakers, which are often sold on various platforms. Some sellers often exploit unknowing end users who are sold those cheap sneaker copies. Many oblivious buyers usually can’t tell if what they’re buying is fake and only end up being disappointed with a huge waste of their money.

Unfortunately, these scammers also exist on Amazon. In 2017, Nike and Amazon made a deal to take action against counterfeit products from third parties. After two years, Nike finally announced that they would stop selling apparel and sneakers through Amazon.

"As part of Nike's goal to enhance the customer experience through more direct, personal relationships, we have decided to complete our current pilot at Amazon Retail. We will continue to invest in strong, distinctive partnerships for Nike with other retailers and platforms to seamlessly serve our consumers worldwide," Nike said in a statement to Bloomberg News.

According to recent news, Amazon allegedly recruited new third parties to continue selling Nike items. At the same time, Amazon continued to work on new measures to exclude counterfeits.

Amazon often made sure that counterfeit third-party products were prevented from being sold. What the sellers did, however, was change the names of various products, bypassing Amazon's prevention measures.

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