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Inside the Diadora Factory

Inside the Diadora Factory

Diadora has a long history of shoe production. Comparisons between founder Marcello Danieli and Adi Dassler are not so far-fetched. He too was a perfectionist shoemaker, but in his case entirely focused on mountain sports. He saw himself as part of a tradition of craftsmanship, a spirit that Diadora wants to continue even today, in the age of mass production. One step in this direction is the in-house factory, where Made in Italy is consistently continued. Here comes our list of ten reasons why Diadora is most likely ahead in terms of quality. 

1. In-house Production
Many companies make a big fuss about production outside Asia. Diadora, on the other hand, is a different matter altogether, because shoes are made in the company's own factory right at its headquarters. This ensures full control over all details.
Not Every Machine is From the 90s, It's a Mix of Old and New
2. The tradition of the founder
When ski boots were increasingly made of plastic in the 60s, Marcello Danieli did not jump on the bandwagon. He even stopped producing ski boots altogether, as he felt that craftsmanship was no longer necessary here.
Handwork - always a part of shoe production

3. Quality and style - Italian traditions
Many products from Italy have that certain something, because they combine these two points. Just look at other brands from Italy, for example Bianchi, Cinelli or Colnago for bicycles or Ferrari or Lamborghini in the car industry.
Which collab is ready for delivery here?
4. Authentic equipment
When CEO Polegato took over, he sharpened the focus on quality again by restarting the in-house factory. But in addition to new equipment, he bought machines from the 90s to make shoes again in an authentic way - incredible.
Shoemaking is a blend of art and craft that is understood at Diadora

5. Small quantities, higher prices
There is no mass production in Caerano di San Marco and you pay the price for that. Diadora used to be an upscale European brand and with the focus on quality production in Italy, this tradition continues.
What’s inside? “Made in Italy”

6. Experience with athletes
Diadora is still a sports company at heart, working with athletes to improve footwear. This experience flows into all categories.
The "mouldings" - responsible for the shape

7. Attention to detail
Most companies reproduce their old soles in one piece, ignoring the actual technology. With Diadora, even the sole remains original, including the different degrees of hardness. Theoretically, you can run on the spot with an S8000 or N9000.

8. The vision of the CEO
Enrico Moretti Polegato has a vision for Diadora and quality plays a big part in that. The in-house factory is an important step in this direction. Even if not everything is made there, he is aiming for a total of between 7-10%.
No mass production, but still considerable quantities ...

9. Local traditions
Diadora is based in Venice, a region of Italy with an impressive history of art and craftsmanship. Production still takes place here today, often in family-run businesses. Whether glass craftsmanship, textile production or shoes, the focus here is on quality.
The best materials must not be missing when it comes to good products

10. The original archive
Diadora recreates the classics originally from the archive, i.e. based on physical models, not just on the catalogue. This means that details and of course the shape are also taken into account.

He understands Diadora and the needs of the sneaker scene - Rudy Comazzetto, category manager heritage and lifestyle shoes
Inside the Diadora factory

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