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Artist Portfolio: Andrés Momó from Spain

Artist Portfolio: Andrés Momó from Spain

Sneaker art is omnipresent these days; we seem to have reached a point of repetition - how many photorealistic Yeezy renderings have you seen in the last month? We find it refreshing to see people taking their art into other areas, such as type, and developing their own design language. Andrés Momó from the DASHAPE crew in Madrid is one of them, so we met him for this interview.  
Are you a sneaker collector yourself? You must be, because your work is full of vintage jewellery and great sneakers. What do you collect?
I don't consider myself a collector, but I've been crazy about sneakers since I was a kid. I think most of my generation, who grew up with hip-hop culture, have a strong connection to sneakers. I have more pairs than my ex-girlfriend could ever stand, and I spend more money on them than I should, but to be a collector you need more than that. You realise that when you've spent five minutes with a real shoe.

I like running shoes, especially ones from the 90s and early 2000s. I have Air Max 1s and GEL-Lyte Vs the most, but if I ever get the chance to get vintage pairs, I'll take it! Just yesterday I bought a pair of ASICS TL-30 Gel Syntars and before that a pair of Etonic Stable Air Plus. These 90s colours are killing me, man!

You are part of the DASHAPE crew in Madrid. How did you all get together and what is it like working with the guys?
I've known Reyes for a long time: we went to the same school and lived 100 metres apart when we were growing up. We also used to work for the same agency - I can't even count how many times we got drunk together. She's like a sister to me. I met Jace years ago, he's a fucking great guy and passionate about what he does. I respect him so much!
Whatever people may think, an event like DASHAPE is not easy to organise. There is a lot of stress, which is logical because there is a lot on this project for each of us. But we are like a family and everyone trusts in each other's work and skills. For example, I had complete freedom to do what I think is best for the graphics of the event. This little detail is very important to me and I am very grateful for it. This is the fourth edition of the event and I hope to do it a million more times!

Please tell us a bit about the sneaker cubes/letters. Great idea, great models involved. Was this a personal project or for DASHAPE artwork?
It was an idea I had for a while and finally put it into action for the DASHAPE 2016 poster. There was also an inspiring Instagram project called "36 days of Type" started by Nina Sans and Rafel Goicoechea, a couple from Spain. The main idea of this project is to design and post a letter every day, the best of which will be published on their account. I challenged myself to design an entire sneaker alphabet in time for Dashape, which was just around the corner. First, I had to think about the characteristics of the letter - some are more complicated than others. There are letters that have a similar shape to a sneaker, like "T" and "I", but "X" or "K" were much more complicated. I had to look for sneakers with certain features or details that made them original and suitable for the letter. The difficulty was to keep the essence of the pair within the letter so that it was still recognisable.

Please tell us your five favourite models.
Only five? Okay, here we go: ASICS x Slam Jam Gel-Lyte III, the first two atmos Air Max 1 collaborations (Safari and Elephant), Nike Devlon, Nike Skylon 2, New Balance x Provider 1500WBB.

Last words?
I'm saving my last words for when I die, so let's have a drink!

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