IGC x K-SWISS Drop their first-ever "ONE-TAP" eSports-Sneaker |
IGC x K-SWISS Drop their first-ever "ONE-TAP" eSports-Sneaker

IGC x K-SWISS Drop their first-ever "ONE-TAP" eSports-Sneaker

K-SWISS is getting in on the eSports market and, together with Immortals Gaming Club (IGC), leading experts on Counter Strike and Overwartch, is launching the "MIBR ONE-TAP" in an awesome new collaboration. This is to date the very first eSports sneaker for passionate gamers! IGC is an American e-sports organization. The club is said to own teams in League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Super Smash Bros. and Overwatch.

For their market research, K-SWISS designers actually observed the players of the organization in order to assess gamers' needs and later introduce the best possible sneaker made especially for use in electronic sports. And, the result is really something to be truly proud of! The "MIBR ONE-TAP" comes with a black mesh upper, a slip-on function, a black EVA sole plus a "Flow Cool" TPU venting unit to provide the most important features and top priorities for serious gamers. Temperature control is one, and the shoe certainly meets the expectation because it provides proper airflow when it is warm and a wool insole that warms the feet when it is cold. Another priority is comfort and the last one is of course, versatility. IGC's Counterstrike: Global Offensive Team, the MIBR clan (Made in Brazil), immortalizes itself with its "mibr" lettering on the toe box and a Brazilian crest on the foldable heel, allowing the gamer to wear it like a slipper.

Serious gaming will definitely be an easy peasy feat! This limited edition design dropped on K-SWISS on July 17th. You can already find the first resellers on StockX. Don't miss the next hot news so download our Grailify App.

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