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Kanye West Says Nike Could Expand the Air Yeezy Line

Kanye West Says Nike Could Expand the Air Yeezy Line

Could this latest news please also reach Nike? Since Mr. West left Nike in 2013, the designer and the label have hardly been mentioned in one sentence together. Now, in a four-part interview with GQ, Kanye has given his blessing for the revival of the Air Yeezy line. How interesting it would be if Nike would release Air Yeezys once again? We wonder what adidas thinks about that?

Kanye and Will Welch from GQ also talk about their plans for the production in Cody, Wyoming as well as about faith. But we were more interested in the short talk about the sneakers. The editor asked Kanye about the Yeezy basketball sneaker and how he got the inspiration. Kanye replied with this: "I won't give the exact codes how we got there. I have children! There is pain associated with these codes." Welch then proceeded to ask the next question.

Will Welch: "Can Nike retro the original Air Yeezy 1 and Air Yeezy 2 sneakers? And if they made a move toward rereleasing them, what would you do?" Kanye West: "Man, I’m with everything." Will Welch: "What do you mean? You could be okay with that?" Kanye West: "Man, anything that the kids want and the people want. People should be able to have what they want."
Before that, not much was known about the current situation of Kanye, Nike and the Air Yeezys. But if Nike would ever release an Air Yeezy again, one could assume that the company would use a different name. In 2016, Nike released a Nike Air Entertainer that was in fact very close to the Air Yeezy.

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