Michael Jordan's Worn Air Jordan 1 "Chicago" Will Be Auctioned |
Michael Jordan's Worn Air Jordan 1 "Chicago" Will Be Auctioned

Michael Jordan's Worn Air Jordan 1 "Chicago" Will Be Auctioned

Update 18.05.2020

The worn Air Jordan 1 "Chicago" by Michael Jordan himself has achieved a new record price. In the last minutes, the sneakers kept a "low" price, and later on, a real bidding war started. The last 20 minutes were probably a nerve-wracking time for the bidders.

At the auction, the $10,000 tumbled within a short period of time and finally landed at an incredible $560,000. So, the sneakers of the GOAT have reached a new record price. Until a few months ago, it was the Nike "Moon Shoe", which was then bought for 437,500 US dollars by the Canadian collector Miles Nadal.

According to Sotheby’s, the buyer of the Air Jordan 1 "Chicago" wants to remain anonymous. But it is clear that we probably won’t see a new record price like this in the future. Which sneaker could ever top the price of a handmade Nike "Moon Shoe" by Bill Bowerman or the original Jordans by MJ?

Original article 11.05.2020

The Air Jordan 1 High is available in many variations. In this news, we are not talking about a new CW, but about a very old model. A worn and even signed Air Jordan 1 High "Chicago" by Michael Jordan himself reaches auction house Sotheby's.

Both sneaker and Michael Jordan fans have been waiting for such a release. The GOAT wore this pair in 1985 and now, they are being auctioned after 35 years. Even the mismatching 13/13.5 size combination can be seen on the sneaker. Furthermore, the sneakers have "TYPS" prints on the inside of the ankle. This way, fans can recognize the samples that were made especially for MJ at that time.

Here You Can Buy the Signed Air Jordan 1 High "Chicago" from 1985

The auction for the 1985 Air Jordan 1 High "Chicago" has already begun. Until May 17th, you can bid on the sneakers at Sotheby's. The bidding is currently at 120,000 US dollars. But the sneakers will probably break the 150,000 mark.   

pics by Sotheby's

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