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Palace Presents the "Palace Goats" Collection

Palace Presents the "Palace Goats" Collection

After designing a multi-part collection with Calvin Klein on 8 April, Palace has returned with a new spring collection. The new collection includes lightweight outerwear, sweatshirts, t-shirts, caps, and accessories in signature Palace style.

The "Palace Goats" collection is led by a fictional football team. At the centre of this team, which is not described in detail by Palace, is Palace's world-famous P logo. This time, it comes in the form of a goat's head, which adorns several jackets, hoodies, and other items.

You can refine the sporty look with matching shorts, crewnecks, and tees. The pieces are available in several colours. Special pin badges will also appear, with one motif resembling Jerry West's classic NBA logo.

When Will the Palace "Palace Goats" Collection Be Released?

The big Palace "Palace Goats" collection will be dropping in just a few days. In our country, the pieces will be released at the official Palace online shop on 15 April. In other regions such as Japan, the collection will be released on 16 April.   

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