This Is What the Catalogue of the Yeezy x GAP Collection Looks Like |
This Is What the Catalogue of the Yeezy x GAP Collection Looks Like

This Is What the Catalogue of the Yeezy x GAP Collection Looks Like

Update 25.05.2021

We have another short update on the Yeezy x GAP collection. A picture of a possible catalogue of the Yeezy x GAP collection has appeared on the net, which you can now view below. The text descriptions of the individual pieces are copied. Therefore, the price of 50$ would probably just be a placeholder. Nevertheless, we expect a bigger collection with hoodies, windbreakers, boots, pants, jackets, and also foam runners. The release is said to be in June 2021.

Update 19.04.2021

After almost a year, here's a quick update on the new partnership between Yeezy and Gap. According to legal filings, the logo has now been officially registered as a motif. Although it was unveiled last year, the rights to use the logo for retail have only just been filed.

The YZY logo is a distorted version of Gap. The square box is slightly skewed, and the rounded corners make it look much more dynamic. Other similarities are the iconic navy blue and the white letters.

In addition, the extract states that the logo may be used on jackets, shoes, bags, as well as other accessories and clothing. Unfortunately, there is no exact release date yet, but a drop of the first Yeezy Gap collection is expected this year.

Original article 26.06.2020

Something big is coming. According to the latest reports, rapper Kanye West and California-based label "Gap Inc." have officially signed a special 10-year deal.  In 2021, a "Yeezy Gap" apparel line will be sold at Gap shops and online.

Gap is a fashion giant with annual sales of over $16 billion! So, we can assume that there will be many good times ahead for all Yeezy fans.

In an interview at his ranch in Wyoming, Kanye mentioned a few months ago that he was looking for a new place for his line. Now, Kanye might have a strong partner on his side. We are looking forward to the new clothing line "Yeezy Gap" for men, women, and children.

Gap Share Rises 29%

This news has already hit like a bomb. The Gap share has already risen by almost 30% in the last few hours. That's the highest daily run for Gap in three months!

What's Happening with adidas and Kanye's Yeezys?

For anyone who is probably having heart palpitations right now, we have some reassuring words. The contract between adidas and Kanye West until 2026 remains unaffected. The powerful duo will continue to create more Yeezys.

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