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Tony Hawk and Vans Announce a Partnership

Tony Hawk and Vans Announce a Partnership

Vans is THE brand in the skater scene. There is hardly any skateboarder who does not know the label. So now you have reason enough to ask why the legend Tony Hawk and Vans hadn’t worked together earlier. Now Vans is announcing a partnership with the professional skateboarder. He is the newest brand ambassador of Vans and he has started promoting the label and the different retailers.

"Vans was the first skate shoe I wore since 1978," Tony Hawk recalled in the press release. "My father bought me a pair and I asked him for the ankle pad because high tops were not yet available. I wore vans almost exclusively until the mid-'80s. Vans has supported skateboarding from the beginning and I have always respected their integrity. So it's an honor to officially join forces and contribute to further develop the skateboarding culture in the most authentic way possible."

The last signing of Tony Hawk was several years ago. In 2017, he signed with Lakai and even got his own signature sneaker: the Lakai Tony Hawk Proto. We are definitely excited about this and are keeping our eye on Vans and the icon.

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