Will the YZY BSKTBL Quantum & YZY QNTM Quantum be Released on the NBA
Will the YZY BSKTBL Quantum & YZY QNTM Quantum be Released on the NBA All-Star Weekend?

Will the YZY BSKTBL Quantum & YZY QNTM Quantum be Released on the NBA All-Star Weekend?

Update 17.02.202020
Some of you would have probably wanted to live in Chicago last weekend. On Saturday, the adidas YZY QNTM was released. But, the sneakers were not sold in any pop-up store or retail store.

That Kanye West has a flair for the dramatic is no secret. The rapper and designer proves this yet again with a massive event in Chicago. A convoy of military style trucks with huge tires started in the city early Saturday. Before that, nobody could have guessed that Kanye and adidas were responsible for it. After that, things started to happen very fast. The convoy stopped on its tracks and gave away the coveted adidas YZY QNTM to its loyal supporters who were running behind the convoy.

Those who missed the convoy or didn't want to go out in the cold, still had their second chance. The adidas flagship store in Chicago and other retailers like Notre and Tony's Sports got the sneakers retrospectively. The sneakers cost about 250 USD.

Do you think the sneakers will still drop here?

Update 14.02.2010

The next pictures from Yeezy are already available online. We can finally take a look at the adidas YZY BSKTBL "Quantum". At first glance, the sneakers look almost identical. Both models have a light sole, a zebra pattern on the upper, as well as black laces and a black collar. So, what are the differences?

If you take a closer look, you'll see that the mesh stripes on the BSKTBL model are much duller. This is exactly what makes the biggest difference. As the name implies, the BSKTBL version is a performance sneaker. It has to deliver optimum performance for the basketball player. The YZY BSKTBL looks like its counterpart, but has a cage above the Primeknit upper. There are also no reflective 3M details. Reflective features would be too distracting for everyone in the game.

But, both models come with a full-length boost sole. As of now, the release date for both models is not 100% clear yet. However, we suspect a drop between the 14th and 16th of February.

Update 13.02.2020

Here come the sneakers at last and it was definitely worth the years of waiting. The official pictures of the YZY QNTM "Quantum" are finally out. Kanye West showed the coveted shoes for the first time in 2018 at a basketball game in Chicago. After two years, we can now finally take a look at the detailed pictures.

The pair is dipped in black, white, and silver. Therefore, the sneakers look like they come from another planet. The futuristic aesthetic comes with a zebra pattern on the sides and transparent mesh strips showing reflective 3M details. This instantly reminded us of the new Yeezy 350 V2.

The lacing system also looks familiar to us. Ye was probably inspired by the recently introduced Yeezy 700 V3. Black laces and a black tongue form a U-shape that run into the toe box, which is covered with suede.

adidas somehow won’t reveal the release date yet. Insiders are betting on a release at the NBA All-Star Weekend and maybe even only in Chicago.

Original article 10.02.2020

After numerous leaks and pics, we could finally expect a release date of the YZY BSKTBL Quantum and YZY QNTM Quantum. And, the release could perfectly fit the style of the shoe.

If the latest rumours were true, the long awaited sneakers from Ye might finally have a release date. Insiders believe that both models will be released during the NBA All-Star Weekend. Recently, we have seen both models in person through Kanye West. However, it still cannot be said exactly what the difference is between the lifestyle sneaker YZY QNTM Quantum and the performance sneaker YZY BSKTBL Quantum.

The basketball sneakers might just remind us of an old model. A wider shape and the striped upper material lean strongly towards the "Zebra". The front part is made of suede and contrasts with a black collar. Under the striped upper are reflective 3M inserts. The Boost sole can be recognized by the encapsulated outsole, which is slightly transparent.

Do not miss the release of the YZY BSKTBL Quantum & YZY QNTM Quantum. 

Both models should be very well-received by the sneaker community and are said to drop between February 14th and 16th.

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