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YZY SPLY Unveils "Gosha" Collection

YZY SPLY Unveils "Gosha" Collection

TLDR: YZY SPLY has launched a new merchandise line called "Gosha" to celebrate the appointment of Gosha Rubchinskiy as the brand's Head of Design. The collection includes a range of garments with the words "Black Dogs" in Russian and pays homage to Rubchinskiy's heritage. Each piece is available now at YZY at a price of €18.95.

In a significant move that emphasises the fusion of music, fashion and design, the artist formerly known as Kanye West has unveiled a new YZY SPLY merchandise collection called "Gosha". This launch coincides with the announcement of Gosha Rubchinskiy, a legendary Russian designer known for his unique vision and creative prowess, as the new Head of Design at YZY SPLY.

The "Gosha" collection is a carefully curated selection of garments consisting of a grey hoodie, a T-shirt, sweatpants and socks, available in grey and black. A striking feature of this collection is the use of the phrase 'Black Dogs' printed in Russian on the front of each piece - a direct nod to Rubchinskiy's Russian roots and his influential role in the rebrand.

When will the "Gosha" collection be available?

The "Gosha" collection is available now.

Where can I buy the "Gosha" collection?

Anyone interested in a piece from this exclusive collection can find them at YZY, where each piece costs €18.95. This launch not only celebrates Rubchinskiy's vision, but also heralds a new chapter for YZY SPLY and promises exciting projects and collaborations that epitomise the brand's core values of independence and creativity.

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