Zendaya Becomes Brand Ambassador for On: A New Era for the Swiss
Zendaya Becomes Brand Ambassador for On: A New Era for the Swiss Running Brand #8 

Zendaya Becomes Brand Ambassador for On: A New Era for the Swiss Running Brand

TLDR: Zendaya becomes a brand ambassador for On, marking a significant shift for the Swiss running brand into the fashion and athleisure markets. The partnership will include joint design projects and advertising campaigns, with the first release expected in Summer/Fall 2024.

As the summer heats up, so does the excitement around Zendaya's new role as brand ambassador for On. This partnership represents a major shift for On, expanding its reach beyond athlete partnerships into the glamorous world of Hollywood and fashion.

Zendaya's long-standing appreciation for On sneakers made them a logical choice for this collaboration. The Emmy award-winning actress has often been spotted in On shoes, both in her free time and during the press tour for her latest movie “Challengers”. In her statement, Zendaya expressed her enthusiasm: “It's no secret that I've been a big fan of On for a long time... So it's a logical step to make this partnership official."

Unlike typical celebrity endorsements, Zendaya's role with On is multifaceted. She will co-create advertising campaigns and contribute to the design of exclusive footwear and sportswear collections. This strategic partnership underscores On's goal to expand its influence in the fashion and athleisure markets, building on previous collaborations with brands such as POST ARCHIVE FACTION and Packer.

In the recently released “Dream Together” featurette, Zendaya debuted the new Cloudtilt model, hinting at its importance in On's upcoming range. The collaboration promises innovative and stylish collections that combine performance and fashion and appeal to a wider audience.

On continues to maintain its focus on performance, with the involvement of tennis legend Roger Federer, who recently launched his second signature shoe, THE ROGER Pro 2. This balance between technical footwear for athletes and stylish designs for everyday use underlines On's evolution into a versatile and lifestyle-oriented brand.

When will Zendaya's On collection be released?

The first collection from Zendaya's collaboration with On is expected in Summer/Fall 2024. Stay tuned for more details and specific release dates as they become available.

Where can I buy Zendaya's On collection?

Zendaya's On collection will be available at select retailers and online at On.com. Watch for updates on the release and availability of these stylish and powerful pieces.

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