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Kanye West Wears a Nike ISPA Air Max 720

Kanye West Wears a Nike ISPA Air Max 720

Now this is something you don't get to see every day. Famous rapper Kanye West, the same designer often associated with the Yeezys, has recently been discovered with Nike sneakers.

Many years ago, the 42-year-old signed a contract with the Herzogenaurach-based adidas brand. Since then, many sneakerheads have been consistently delighted with his Yeezys. Its famous silhouette, the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2, is one of his most popular sneakers.

At that time, Kanye was in conflict with Nike. One of his most famous comments is "Nike treats employees just like slaves" which means exactly that—Nike treats employees like slaves. This is why it's all-too hard to see and understand why the famous rapper is now wearing a Nike ISPA Air Max 720.

Crazy rumours have in fact already been circulating on the Internet. Some are speculating that Kanye only wants to check out the competition, while others are claiming that he’s completely forgotten his beef with Nike. Others are thinking that the pic may have well been just Photoshopped. 

Has the Nike ISPA Air Max 720 turned trendy because of Kanye West? 

As of now, no one can really say for sure why Kanye has been spotted wearing the Nike ISPA Air Max 720. But, the sneakers are already available online on nike.com and they come in black too! Should any more updates arise, we will be the first to inform you immediately. Get the Grailify app and always be up to date.

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