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Is adidas Getting the Famous Gamer Ninja on Board?

Is adidas Getting the Famous Gamer Ninja on Board?

Update 2019-08-29 
Today adidas finally confirms the official partnership between the Herzogenaurachers and Tyler "Ninja" Blevins. For adidas, this is the first time they have signed an individual gamer. Until this latest update, adidas has only been sponsoring teams for a long time now. In addition, adidas has recently uploaded a short video featuring Ninja with almost cryptic-like sentences that aren't really full of content and basically just teases the viewers even more about this new collab.

"A big holler for the desire. The fire. The pursuit of performance. A high for the long nights. The hard work. The non-abandoning and biting through. A high for the rethinkers and transformers. The artists of all disciplines. The pioneers in their field. Hail to the promise of being invincible - the promise that every creator has made to himself.

A cheer for the time you have invested.

It's time to unite the worlds of gaming and fashion."

So far, all we can make out from those words is that adidas and Ninja are definitely uniting the worlds of gaming and fashion. What the contract includes or how much money is at stake is still unclear up to this point. However, we could very well hope that the Fortnite streamer and adidas would include the blue hoodie seen in the Ninja video and maybe even some skins in the virtual world.

Who's excited for the Ninja x adidas apparel and skins collection? 

We're almost certain that all you gamers and fans out there are on the edge of your seats. We are keeping an eye out for any updates from Herzogenaurach and upcoming streams from Ninja. You can get daily news as well as updates on restocks and releases with our Grailify app. Download it and stay up to date.


Original article 2019-08-27 

Oh yeah! Could this finally be the next collab? It's no secret that more and more big sports manufacturers and companies want to get on the gaming hype train. Most of them are already scouting for the next gaming stars and top streamers and are getting ready for possible major collabs. One of these top streamers and gamers is Richard Tyler Blevins, or more popularly known as "Ninja".

Ninja is a 28-year-old gamer who lives in the US and earns his living by streaming videos on YouTube. He was the most popular streamer on Twitch, and now he can be seen on Tyler Blevins entertains tens of thousands of viewers every week with his gameplays, making him the world's most followed streamer. On YouTube alone, the streamer has over 22 million subscribers! Yes, even Travis Scott himself has already played Fortnite with Blevins.

Ninja has already secured significant partnerships with the likes of Red Bull, Mixer, and NZXT. The question is, why work only with rappers or NBA stars when the next generation can have just as much influence? K-SWISS has already discovered this by releasing their "ONE TAP" with IGC. adidas now recognizes this potential and seems to be preparing for a next possible collab.

How have we come to know about this much-awaited collab, you ask? You see, fans of Tyler "Ninja" Blevins have discovered a video on his YouTube channel entitled, "Ninja x Adidas: Time In". Subscribers have found the video to be deleted immediately after only being posted online for no more than a minute. Ninja and adidas have successfully teased us so far, leaving us with barely a clue as to what’s in store for us in terms of their upcoming collab.

Looking forward to adidas and Ninja finally coming together? 

So far, these are just rumors. But, we can very well imagine how awesome it will be and we can hardly wait for the release! What do you think? If you don't want to miss the latest news, get the Grailify app and be the first to find out.

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