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ASICS Gel-Lyte
The ASICS GEL-Lyte OG is a symbol of the combination of classic design and advanced technology and a true icon in the world of trainers. Since its first release, the shoe has not only captured the hearts of running enthusiasts, but has also made a lasting impression on streetwear culture.

Where top performance meets iconic design

At the heart of the GEL-Lyte OG is the revolutionary GEL cushioning technology, which heralded a new era in running shoes when it was introduced. This technology offers unparalleled shock absorption, making the shoe a favourite for long-distance runs in particular. The lightweight EVA midsole also contributes to the excellent cushioning and makes the GEL-Lyte OG one of the most comfortable shoes on the market.

Visually, the GEL-Lyte OG impresses with its timeless design, which appeals to both retro lovers and modern sneakerheads. The classic silhouette is accentuated by fresh colour combinations and the characteristic ASICS stripe design, giving the shoe a dynamic yet elegant look.
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