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Handmade Waffle Spikes by Bill Bowerman Will Be Auctioned

Handmade Waffle Spikes by Bill Bowerman Will Be Auctioned

Update 29.06.2020

Another auction ended again on the Sotheby's auction site and there was a fierce bid for just one pair of sneakers. The legendary Waffle Spikes from Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman and the handwritten letter were sold for an incredible $162,500! Sotheby's itself estimates the total value of the rarities at around $130,000 - $150,000.   

Original article 17.06.2020

This sneaker auction is really exceptional and very rare. The handmade Waffle Spike from Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman is sold at Sotheby's auction site. Among the latest fierce auctions are the ultimate sneaker collection and the world record with the worn Air Jordan 1 "Chicago" by Michael Jordan from 1985, which sold for $560,000.

Could This Auction Break the World Record for Sneakers of $560,000?

The Sotheby's auction site is auctioning off Bill Bowerman's handmade Waffle Spikes and a handwritten note for John Mays until June 26th. Around 1970, Bowerman made the sneakers, so these shoes were made before Nike was even founded.

On the right shoe, you can see the waffle sole, which makes this shoe a rarity. This was intended to increase John Mays' performance, a detail which is also confirmed by the accompanying letter.

Details on the Waffle Spike Auction

Sotheby's estimates a sales between 130,000 to 150,000 US dollars. But we suspect a significantly higher selling price, as this auction is once again a unique opportunity for collectors. If you have some cash to spare and want to own a piece of history, place your bid at Sotheby's auction.

pics by Sotheby's

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