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The Tech Era - 5 Techwear Sneakers You Should Know About

The Tech Era - 5 Techwear Sneakers You Should Know About

In 2015, Nike collaborated with Errolson Hugh and his tech subsidiary ACRONYM for the first time. The result was a cutting-edge sneaker - the Nike Lunar Force 1. Apart from a core of techwear-loving fans, many people didn't understand that Nike and Errolson were going to change the future of footwear.
Today, it's almost impossible to get hold of one of his Nike collaborations. In addition, many other brands have followed the new tech trend and released their own functional models, often made of ultra-light materials, waterproof straps and smart lacing systems. To showcase some of today's most coveted techwear sneakers, we've teamed up with one of the techwear scene's all-time greats: neo-Tokyo illustrator and Berlin mastermind Johnny Terror.
Johnny, who has already collaborated with Nike ACG and even designed a flyer for Errolson himself, presents five techwear sneakers embedded in his very own futuristic world and characters. The tech era has just begun and these are the forerunners of this generation.

Illustrated by Johnny Terror

There would be no sneaker tech wear hype without this shoe and the collaboration between these two brands. Originally released in 2015, Nike and ACRONYM have done it again, releasing a white-on-white version of this deconstructed hyped zip madness. The king is back.

NikeLab ACG 07 KMTR
Innovation never stops and with the NikeLab ACG 07 KMTR, innovation has accelerated to new heights. A lightweight and water-resistant upper, a magnetic strap that makes you constantly open and close the shoe, and maximum comfort with almost zero weight - the perfect set-up for an urban ninja.

Futuristic design paired with an affordable price. The PUMA TSUGI Shinsei shows that a tech sneaker doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Perfect fit through an innovative lacing system, super soft evoKNIT that turns the shoe into a tech sock and a lightweight design that remains unobtrusive in the coolest way make this shoe a smart and special alternative.

ASICS Quantum 360 Knit 
Don't sleep on the ASICS Quantum 360 Knit. The unique, sleek design, 360-degree GEL® cushioning and seamless construction make this shoe an insider's tip. Completely hype-free, full of functionality, design and technology.

The last few years have shown that adidas does not sleep at all. They prefer to stay awake and create the next hype that people will queue up for. With the AF/1.4 PK, they have also proven that they are able to take technology to the extreme. Waterproof membrane, Primeknit upper and the best grip you can get - with the AF/1.4 PK, adidas has turned a winter boot into a featherweight companion for your future adventures.

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