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ARKK Copenhagen is a sneakers company that specialises in comfortable and stylish sneakers. Founded in 2014, the Danish brand has quickly become renowned for its innovative designs and superior quality. The team at ARKK Copenhagen prides itself on creating sneakers that combine comfort with fashion-forward design. Utilising only the highest quality materials, they ensure that each sneaker has a unique look and superior fit. ARKK Copenhagen sneakers come in a variety of styles, colours, and materials to suit any taste. 

In addition to sneakers, the company also offers an array of apparel and accessories. All these products are designed with comfort in mind, allowing customers to improvise their outfit that is both stylish and comfortable.

ARKK Copenhagen - Minimalist and Clean Designs Taking the World by Storm

ARKK Copenhagen sneakers have been featured in multiple fashion magazines, as well as fashion shows around the world. This brand has become a favourite with celebrities, who often wear them for comfort or to add an element of style to their wardrobe. 

The company's commitment to quality and innovation has resulted in sneakers that are not only stylish and comfortable, but also durable. Their sneakers are designed to be worn for many years, withstanding the test of time.

In addition to sneakers, ARKK Copenhagen also offers a range of apparel and accessories such as T-shirts, pants, bags, and hats. Everything is designed to match their sneakers, meaning customers can put together a complete look for any occasion.


ARKK Copenhagen's pioneering Raven kickstarted their journey, explored and refined to bring real relaxation for the feet. First introduced in 2014 providing 12 months of research results - they were certainly not just running around.

Step out in confidence with these stylish and comfortable shoes, fashioned from the most durable material. The sole is designed for long-term wearing, thanks to an innovative construction that provides a modern look as well as comfort during daily use. Combined with laces – perfect not only for fastening but also adding flare - plus breathable insoles tailored uniquely to fit your feet shapely, this shoe model cocoons you softly yet durably inside its interior lined fabric.


ARKK Copenhagen unveiled the Chrontech sneaker boot in early-September – an all-weather shoe designed to provide warmth and protection during winter months. Utilising Hydrix Shield membrane technology, these shoes boast 400 grams of insulation as well as water and wind resistance thanks to its waterproof construction. The added height of the collar also adds extra security for your feet.

ARKK takes their iconic Wave 13 sole unit to the next level with the Copenhagen Chrontech sneaker boot. The minimal, all-black design is sure to please wide footers, inspired by Denmark's Den Blå Planet Aquarium for a luxurious look and feel. Customizable rope laces are secured using lace lock technology and heat welded eyelets on mesh uppers ensure this high-tech shoe holds up in style - no matter where your journey leads you.


The ARKK Copenhagen Kanetyk is the ideal "low-key" sneaker for those seeking to blend style and comfort. Its vibrant orange and yellow colorway stand out amongst its sleek grey suede panelling, providing a modern streetwear look with the perfect athletic silhouette. With keeping your daily wear in mind, this lightweight shoe along with its durable WAVE13sole unit was built so you can flaunt your fashion sense while staying comfortable all day long. The finishing touches of heavy-duty laces coupled with neon lace tips bring forth an extra edge that will help turn any outfit into something exceptional.


Combine the classic, timeless style of a court shoe with modern design and you get the Visuklass. The sneaker features premium suede upper for luxury and flexibility, slim coated laces for an easy tie that never slips off. An airy material on top keeps your feet cool while the padded heel and tongue offer enhanced support and comfort - all atop ARKK's signature Stable C18 solid rubber cup sole to ensure maximum grip in any condition.


ARKK raised the industry standard with their Superior Line Asymtrix Suede F-PRO90. Featuring a hybrid suede/mesh upper and neon accents, this sneaker will add an eye-catching flair to any wardrobe. The creation of the asymmetrical lacing system gives wearers extra support when it comes time for performance but still allows them to stay on trend between sessions. With its leather or mesh material options, embroidered logo, heel pull tab and diagonal cutline design details - there's no doubt that ARKK is leading innovation in footwear fashion.

In just two short years, the minimalist sneaker silhouettes from ARKK Copenhagen have taken the world by storm - landing in 36 countries and counting. The brand continues to redefine simplistic style with its 100% Danish-made creations – all aiming to inspire confidence through fashion fused with function.
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