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Reebok Question

For the Love of Basketball

A shoe that came into being to help you score on the court, Reebok Question leaves no questions unanswered when it comes to performance and comfort. The chunky shoe that was once the dream of every aspiring player.

Its functionality is not only limited to the court but also to the streets. One can wear them to any party they want, and they will attract eyes all over the place. The traction on the shoe is excellent, but it might feel heavy to some users. 


From the looks of it, the outer sole of the Question might feel smooth and bland. However, things start to get interesting when you wear them. It offers some excellent traction on most terrains. Players can wear shoes at any position and not be disappointed.


Sports shoes are meant to be worn for more extended periods and must have explosive cushioning. The Reebok Question has the Hexalite technology in it. It is visible in the heel, whereas simple rubber is on the forefoot. The ankle or rear side of the foot takes the most impact every time you land, so it is crucial to have good cushioning there. 

As players get sweaty feet, it is essential to have a shoe with a removable insole. It allows users to wash and even change it once it gets too worn out.


The shoe's upper part features full-grain leather, a rare sight in sports shoes. Undoubtedly, it makes the shoe feel more premium. Nonetheless, the one downfall of leather is, it gets creased after an initial game of basketball. 

These shoes have a true-to-fit sizing chart with wider sides. It makes it perfect for people with any foot size. However, it is less light than its competitors, which might be a turn-off for many consumers.

Reasons to Buy

  • Plush Cushioning on all sides
  • Support for Ankle and Rearfoot Stability
  • Works well on both indoor and outdoor
  • Catchy Color Schemes

Reasons to Avoid

  • Chunky and Heavy

Final Thoughts

The Reebok Question looks good and performs even better. It can be a good investment, as it is practical on and off the court. The traction and cushioning it has protects your ankles and prevent any injuries. Thus, you can score or defend while feeling on air.
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