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The Reebok Shaq Attaq is more than just a sneaker; it is a piece of basketball history that is closely linked to the legend Shaquille O'Neal. Since its first release in 1992, the Shaq Attaq has captured the hearts of sneakerheads and basketball fans alike. Designed to reflect Shaq's unique style and larger-than-life personality, this shoe is characterised by its distinctive silhouette and innovative features.

A legend enters the parquet

The Shaq Attaq was one of the first sneakers Reebok released in collaboration with an NBA player and marked the beginning of an era in which athletes became icons of sneaker culture. With its eye-catching colour combination, often in the Orlando Magic colours of blue, white and black, and the iconic "Pump" system that provides a custom fit, the Shaq Attaq offered a perfect blend of style and functionality.

The technology behind the sneaker, particularly the Pump system, was ahead of its time and offered players the ability to customise their shoes for maximum support and comfort.

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