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Puma Avanti
Originally designed as a football boot, the Puma Avanti has evolved into a true fashion statement under the influence of Rihanna and her Fenty collection. This collaboration combines the classic sporting spirit of the Avanti with the bold and fashionable flair of Fenty, making the sneaker a favourite in both the fashion and sports worlds.

The stylish transformation by Rihanna

The Puma Avanti Fenty is characterised by its elegant, low-cut design, which is enhanced by high-quality leather or luxurious fabrics. These materials not only give the shoe a sophisticated look, but also a pleasant feel that offers all-day comfort. The silhouette of the sneaker remains sleek and elegant, complemented by Fenty's signature bold design elements that transform the shoe from a traditional football boot into a fashion accessory.

A highlight of the Avanti Fenty is the innovative sole design. The robust rubber sole, which was originally developed for use on the pitch, also offers excellent grip in an urban environment. The sole is often designed in eye-catching colours or with unique patterns that reflect Rihanna's avant-garde style.

The Avanti's colour palette ranges from subtle tones to vibrant, expressive colour combinations that embody the modern and youthful spirit of the Fenty collection. Every design element, from the laces to the tongue, bears Rihanna's unmistakable signature and makes the sneaker a real eye-catcher.

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