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The PUMA Suede, also known as the PUMA Suede Classic, is an iconic sneaker that is one of PUMA's most recognisable and long-lasting designs. It was first launched in 1968. Originally designed as a basketball shoe, the PUMA Suede quickly evolved into a lifestyle sneaker that became popular across different cultures and subcultures alike. The timeless design of the PUMA Suede is characterised by its simple elegance. With its low silhouette, rounded toe and signature rubber sole, it embodies a classic sneaker aesthetic. 


The characteristic "Formstrip" design with the familiar PUMA stripes on the sides gives the shoe a high recognition value and underlines its authenticity. Due to its unmistakable appearance, the PUMA Suede has achieved cult status over the years. It has been worn by celebrities, musicians, artists and fashion enthusiasts and featured in various fashion and lifestyle magazines. Its timeless design and wide range of colour options make it a versatile choice for a variety of occasions and styles.

Cult status of the PUMA Suede

The PUMA Suede has achieved a kind of cult status over time and is very popular with celebrities, musicians and artists. It has not only found its way into various fashion and lifestyle magazines, but has also become a timeless classic.

Its adaptability is remarkable - the PUMA Suede is suitable for casual everyday outfits as well as for sportier outfits. Its timeless design and wide range of colours make it a popular choice for many occasions. The PUMA Suede has also excelled in the area of collaborations. Various designers, artists and brands have infused their creativity into the classic Suede, creating unique colour combinations and design elements. Its enduring popularity among sneakerheads is remarkable. Over the decades, it has established itself as a timeless classic and is a central element of sneaker culture. Its fascination and appeal are unbroken.

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