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The Puma Slipstream, a timeless basketball sneaker, was first introduced in the 1980s by the well-known German sports brand Puma. The shoe has made a name for itself in urban sneaker culture not only because of its sporty origins, but also because of its eye-catching features.

A prominent feature of the Puma Slipstream is the characteristic Velcro strap that runs across the midfoot. This strap not only serves to provide stability, but also gives the shoe a distinctive look that immediately catches the eye. Over the years, Puma has launched various iterations and exciting collaborations of the Slipstream. Often, the iconic basic design has been retained but experimented with new materials, colour palettes and special details. This has given the Slipstream a multi-faceted personality that is appreciated by different fashion styles. One of the latest collaborations is with RIPNDIP. The partners have put the iconic RIDNDIP cat on the side panels.

Of particular interest is the return and reissue of the retro Puma Slipstream models. At a time when retro sneakers are becoming increasingly popular, Puma has reissued the Slipstream in various nostalgic versions. In doing so, the brand is appealing to both old fans who want to reminisce and new generations of sneakerheads who are discovering the timeless charm of this classic.
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