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Puma Prevail
The Puma Prevail is a prime example of the fusion of retro-inspired design and modern technology, a sneaker celebrated for both its aesthetics and functionality. Originally launched in the 1990s as part of the Puma running collection, it epitomises a time when running shoes were not only focused on performance but also style.

With its distinctive silhouette and signature Trinomic cushioning system, the Prevail offers an exceptional running experience. This technology, an innovation of its time, provides optimal cushioning, stability and motion control, making the shoe attractive to athletes and sneaker lovers alike. The upper, a combination of high-quality leather and breathable mesh, complements the functionality with an appealing aesthetic that captures the spirit of the 90s while offering modern comfort.

An icon of versatility

Over the years, Puma has repeatedly reinterpreted and updated the Prevail to meet changing tastes and demands without losing the essence of what has made it a classic.
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