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Puma Clyde OG Fit and Style

The Puma Clyde has a padded collar and tongue for a comfortable fit and maximum support for the foot. It also features a traditional lacing system for a custom and secure fit. The Puma Clyde OG runs true to size - which means you can easily order the sneaker in your normal size. The sneaker is available in both men's and women's sizes. The width of the sneaker is suitable for medium feet.

The low-top profile of the Puma Clyde was designed as a basketball shoe. It was later celebrated by various fans from the scene for its sleek style. Puma originally brought it back to life with high-quality suede in three fresh colourways. The retro look is extremely celebrated as it is a great combination of old style and modern technology.

History of the Puma Clyde

In 1968, Puma introduced "The King" sneaker, which was worn by Olympic champions Tommie Smith and John Carlos while receiving their medals on the podium. During this moment, they took off their shoes and took them with them to the podium. This led to an extreme amount of attention for Puma. The King was renamed Clyde in 1973 after basketball superstar Walt Frazier. Frazier's image at the time was cool, stylish and rebellious - a real role model for many fans. Off the court, he always wore a "Bonnie and Clyde" hat, which is why he got the nickname "Clyde". That's how the Puma Clyde got his name. The Puma Clyde was the first real basketball sneaker from Puma in 1978. This sneaker is the lighter and wider version of the legendary Puma Suede. In 2 years, 2 million pairs of Puma Clyde were sold worldwide. Among the buyers were a lot of skaters, which created a lot of reputation. Later, the Puma Clyde was a sign of the 90s hip-hop culture in the USA. In 2016, Puma released the OG version of the classic Puma Clyde. The Puma Clyde OG stayed true to its original design, but with minor changes to the details.

Opinions from the Internet About the Puma Clyde

There are now many different silhouettes and colourways of the original Puma Clyde. However, care has always been taken to ensure that the colourways are as timeless as possible, which ensures that you can wear this sneaker for a very long time without going out of fashion. The workmanship of the Puma Clyde sneaker is considered to be very high quality and robust, although the sneaker is more of a budget model. The beautiful retro design is currently absolutely modern and in demand. Wearers would recommend the Puma Clyde to their friends. However, it should also be noted that the sneaker hardly provides any cushioning and will be rather unsuitable for people with very wide feet.

Conclusion on the Puma Clyde

A great sneaker with a long history that is closely linked to Puma. Since the Puma Clyde is very reasonably priced and still offers good quality, you shouldn't think too long here and just buy the sneaker. You're guaranteed to be in style, because retro silhouettes are currently more in demand than ever.

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