Latest Pickup: Reebok Zig Kinetica Concept Type 1 Sand Stone |
Latest Pickup: Reebok Zig Kinetica Concept Type 1 Sand Stone

Latest Pickup: Reebok Zig Kinetica Concept Type 1 Sand Stone

Recently, adidas and Reebok introduced the Instapump Fury with a Boost sole. Although the Boost sole is no longer a new feature, the sneaker is a fucking awesome mix of both retro and modern cushioning technology. It’s about time that Reebok revolutionize its very own cushioning!

And, that is exactly what the newly introduced Reebok Zig Kinetica Concept Type 1 does. Recently, Reebok announced the launch of its new cushioning technology called Zig Kinetica, which consists of several different elements. The sole is a three-part system consisting of a Floatride Fuel, Zig Energy Shell, and Zig Energy Bands element.


Not only are the technical details absolutely cool, but also very stylish. The whole make-up takes on a deconstructed-like design made of various materials and inserts. The base comes with a semi-transparent mesh base. Usually, mesh fabric is closely woven together. But, with the Reebok Zig Kinetica Concept Type 1, it looks as though the strands are farther apart, therefore making the shoe more breathable.

The overlays include multi-layered materials made of several coloured textiles. For the most part, a white layer serves as the basis for the overlays, which contrast with the blue, green, and red details. The green eyestays slowly fade into blue and wraps around the collar. The sole is particularly crazy too! A semi-transparent black Zig Energy Bands element allows the dark brown Floatride Fuel layer shine through so easily.

Technical Details

There is probably more to tell about the technical details than about the style itself. Both components are simply out of this world! First of all, you could say that the sneakers are usually much heavier than other sneakers. But, this could very well be due to the multi-piece sole itself. The Zig Energy Shell element surrounds the sole and provides more stability thanks to the compression. The Floatride element is responsible for an even more dynamic experience. This is a testament to the superb inner workings of the sole. The cushioning is completely new and incredibly comfortable. Each step is totally cushioned and provides that much-needed energy recovery with every step.

Finally, the Zig Energy Bands element is used. The insert is completely made of rubber and adheres so damn well to the ground. You definitely don’t have to worry about accidental slips anymore. In addition, the rubber improves springback capability by expanding and contracting when necessary.

Over the flat laces comes another strap that keeps the foot in shape. The strap can be adjusted via two eyelets on the sides. Either the midfoot area is held together completely, or you move the strap one eye higher to hold the area above the tongue in place. Of course, the belt can also be removed completely. But, we’re thinking that this could destroy the style a bit and would want to leave it there and not change a thing.

Conclusion about the Reebok Zig Kinetica Concept Type 1 Sand Stone

In terms of style, function, and fit, these sneakers are definitely not one to be missed! The Reebok Zig Kinetica Concept Type 1 is technically a really good and functional shoe. The futuristic and deconstructed look ultimately makes for the perfect streetwear sneaker. With the Concept Type 1, Reebok has definitely created a new and modern sneaker. The good news is, the sneakers are TTS, so a perfect fit is always guaranteed.

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