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Reebok is a sporting goods manufacturer and the global market leader in ice hockey equipment. In addition, Reebok has been part of adidas AG since 2006 until 2021... But what else is there to know about the brand? We inform here!

It was not until 1981 that the British company Pentland Group took over approximately 55% of Reebok USA, Ltd. (for only 75,000 US dollars!) and helped the brand gain popularity. The aerobics trend came in handy for the brand, as Reebok's colourful shoes were extremely popular with women! Gradually, the range was expanded, and Reebok developed into the brand we know today. Check the free Grailify App to get notified about the latest Reebok sneaker releases.

The Successful Reebok Retro Model

The Freestyle running shoe was not just a success in the '80s, but it still is today. Once a popular sports shoe, today, it is more of a classic lifestyle sneaker. In the past few years, countless variants have come into the market. And we still haven't had our fill of them!

What Else Has Been New in Recent Years?

Like many other well-known brands, Reebok also relies on collabs with well-known personalities. We all know by now that only good stuff can come out of it. This is, of course, also the case with the collaboration with Kendrick Lamar! The interesting thing is that there is also a story behind the sneakers... because Kendrick Lamar comes from the problem district of Compton and draws attention to the problems there with his shoes. The sneakers also impress with their simple design! It doesn't always have to be a Boost sole with a zebra pattern.

This Makes Our Collector's Heart Beat Faster!

Why do they always start collabs with people? Inspiration can be found in so many things... so why not the Alien film series? We are, of course, talking about the Alien Stomper by Reebok! The Reebok Alien Stomper is really only something for absolute sneaker lovers, because the two sneakers are hard to beat in terms of extravagance. It's a really cool thing!

Authentic Brands Group Acquires Reebok from adidas for $2.5 Billion

American brand management company Authentic Brands Group (ABG) has acquired Reebok from adidas in 2021 for a whopping $2.5 billion! This is the largest acquisition since ABG was founded in 2010. Reebok has a long history: The company was founded in the 1980s as a family business and was eventually acquired by adidas in 2006 for almost $4 billion. With popular collaborations and iconic basketball and lifestyle footwear, Reebok has left a lasting mark on the industry. Since then, it will join ABG's impressive portfolio alongside other big names such as Sports Illustrated and Nautica.

Popular Reebok collaborations in 2023

A great collaboration was unveiled in March 2023 when retailer BSTN unveiled a revamped Reebok Question Mid "Bethel High". The shoe pays homage to Allen Iverson's alma mater Bethel High. The NBA Hall of Famer was a two-sport athlete during his high school years, playing both football and basketball for the Virginia high school. The sneakers are primarily white, but adorned with green and yellow accents in Bethel's colours.

Skateboarding has taken the athletic footwear market by storm lately, and Reebok has definitely made its mark in this highly competitive market. The brand has teamed up with SNEEZE Magazine to release a new version of the Reebok Classic Leather. And it's a brutal sneaker. The SNEEZE logo replaces the traditional Reebok emblem for a personal touch, while the brand's iconic logo has been splashed across the tongue.

Reebok adds to the list of collaborations in May 2023 with the release of the Classic Leather Trail "Neon Mint" by PLEASURES. The sneaker is designed specifically for the trail and aims to combine functionality and style. The upper of the shoe is made of durable materials such as CORDURA and the sole is made of robust rubber with heel support.

Following END. and Reebok's collaboration on the Club C, the two companies present a timeless collaboration on the Classic Leather in June 2023, inspired by French sports. The suede and grained leather uppers are almost exclusively in a vibrant mix of green and beige, reminiscent of the sandy playing fields.
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