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PUMA and Playseat Reinvent the Gaming Seat Game

PUMA and Playseat Reinvent the Gaming Seat Game

Widely known sports brand PUMA and gaming chair company Playseat have teamed up to revolutionize innovative seat design for active gamers. Using both PUMA's extensive research on ergonomic material and Playseat's innovative approach, a more active gaming experience is now possible.

The Playseat-PUMA gaming chair was presented at the Gamescom digital trade fair in Cologne in Europe. This new innovation will give gamers the chance to maintain their correct posture while actively at play. The seat will allow gamers complete control and freedom of movement while they're seated comfortably, thus being able to focus more on their game.

With this inventive design, it urges everyone to see gamers as athletes in their own right, with specific needs unique to their sport. 

"We have to start seeing gamers as athletes, with requirements particular to their sport. As a sports company, we want to offer these athletes the products they need to perform at the very top," says Charles Johnson, PUMA's Global Director of Innovation.

Through PUMA's top-of-the-line and high-tech, breathable materials, the gaming seat conforms to the player's individual postures and changing positions as they become more immersed in their game even after several hours of on-screen action. Whether you're serious e-sports pro, a console or mobile gamer, or even if you simply happen to love watching your favorite shows online, this chair caters directly to your body's needs. Because you are able to control what you think works best for you, this innovation guarantees that anyone can find their ideal position while seated, no matter what level, age, size, or shape. 

“Gaming is greater with full sitting control,” says Fernando Smit, President and Founder of Playseat. “That’s why we felt the need to change sitting of gamers from the traditional couch or even on the floor in front of their screens, so we created something truly unique.”

The Playseat-PUMA gaming seat is due to be released in November 2019, with a community soon to be created for those who are interested in being one of the first people to give this revolutionary product a try. If you want to get updates about this release, download our Grailify app. There, you can be sure to receive all the news that you need for innovative products such as this.

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