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Michael Jordan on Zion Williamson

Michael Jordan on Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson is finally a part of the New Orleans Pelicans and delivers some heavy matches. For Michael Jordan, it is probably already clear that he is quite a remarkable person and a very good player. He confirms this in his short interview with Charlotte Hornets and Milwaukee Bucks after his first NBA game in Paris:

"What you saw last night is a foretaste of what you will see in the future," says Michael Jordan. "He still has a lot to do, but I think his passion for the game comes from the way he plays. It's great for the league."

Jordan Brand, of course, landed a big name through the GOAT. This is why MJ feels more connected to Zion Williamson, who has recently signed a multi-year contract with Jordan Brand.

"We were very lucky that he chose us," said Jordan. "We're looking into every opportunity to introduce him to consumers and demonstrate his personality and basketball skills. We can't play basketball for him, but we feel he gives us the opportunity to demonstrate his talents. And that's our job." It's a great partnership."

Zion Williamson had a great start. We will probably see more of him in the future. He was also in fact the one who presented the Air Jordan 34. A few days ago, Williamson even made his NBA debut in the new Air Jordan 34 "Bayou Boys".

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