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The series obviously enjoys an undisputed cult status. But how exactly did it come about in the first place? What does the character behind the shoes have to do with its success? You can definitely expect an interesting story!

The fascinating thing about Air Jordan shoes is the incredible story behind every single model in the series. It's always a lot of fun to immerse yourself in the history of the shoes. It can be difficult to find a worthy beginning for the whole story.

The Air Jordan - a loooong Story

The origin of the whole success story lies with an initially unknown college rookie who wanted to prove himself in the NBA at all costs. We are talking about none other than the great Michael Jordan himself. MJ delivered absolutely sick results during his college time and impressed countless scouts of the NBA. But Jordan also achieved the supposedly unattainable off the court. Before Michael was even drafted by a team, he signed a contract with Nike. A decision that no one at the label with the swoosh is likely to regret. Interestingly, the other dominant shoe brands did not want to make an agreement with MJ. A pretty bad decision!

The very first Air Jordan saw the light of day in 1984 and were initially exclusive to Michael Jordan himself. They were of course designed in the team colours of the Chicago Bulls and were already convincing back then with the red and black colour combination. However, anyone who knows a little about the rules and regulations of the NBA at that time will certainly know about a certain rule. Back then, only the colours that could be found on the sneakers of the other team members were allowed to be worn on the shoes. These were normally completely black or white. The customised sneakers for the number 23 were simply too colourful for the NBA. Jordan risked fines of $5,000 every game, which grew larger and larger over time. Michael, however, never dreamed of stopping wearing his personalised Air Jordans. 

And you can't believe how much attention that eventually got. In almost every game it was reported that Jordan was already whistling at the rules again and continued to play in the beloved shoes. Even on US television there were countless messages regarding MJ and his sneakers. So if that's not immense marketing success, we don't know what is. So much "free" advertising presence and publicity naturally played right into the hands of the label with the swoosh. Very soon Nike was to be the dominant force in the basketball shoe segment, outshining all its competitors. There is simply no denying it: Michael Jordan established a cult with his shoes and catapulted the swoosh to first place.

The more MJ developed over the years into possibly the best basketball player ever, the more successful his Air Jordans naturally became. His sneakers were not just any simple footwear, but a true status symbol. Fans all over the world only had this one brand buzzing around in their heads and wanted to get their hands on a pair at any price. It is said that the hype in the USA even went so far that crimes were committed in order to somehow get hold of the AJs. So anyone who likes to talk about hypebeasts nowadays should first take a look at the conditions in MJ's time.

The Air Jordan - Still a Must-Have for Sneakerheads Today

You might think that all the hype in the 80s and 90s is no longer there, but you're very much mistaken. Even today, the Air Jordan is still considered one of the most successful sneakers and is not only worn by basketball fans. Nike continues to break sales records with the AJ and thrills fans non-stop. In the meantime, there are countless models and variations of the Air Jordan, making it almost impossible to list them all. A multitude of retros and limited editions still make sneakerheads spend the night in front of retail shops to get their hands on a pair.

Nike Air Jordan Story - He Flies and Flies and Flies ...

The Nike Air Jordan story is an almost unbelievable success story. When Nike signed the then 21-year-old Michael Jordan in 1984, this success could hardly have been foreseen. Jordan was still at the beginning of his career, a talent, but far from a star. Nevertheless, he himself would have preferred to sign a contract with adidas at that time; the brand with the three stripes was simply more fashionable in the mid-80s. 440,000 dollars for advertising plus a percentage of the turnover convinced Michael Jordan. 30 years later, the former NBA star often earns more in one year with the shoe and clothing line named after him than in his entire sports career.

With Every Nike Air Jordan you Buy a Piece of Design History

The Air Jordan I was released between 1985 and 1986. The first retro model was released in 1994, the next between 2001 and 2004. Since 2007, Nike has released an AJ I Retro every year. While the AJ I was designed by Peter C. Moore, Bruce Kilgore was also involved in the design of the successor model AJ II. To give the high-top sneaker a luxurious touch, the Air Jordan II was made in Italy (nickname: "Italian Stallion"). The integration of the Nike Air Bubble into the sole made the sneaker feel even softer than the AJ I. Due to its great success, Nike also decided to do without the trademark Swoosh altogether. In marketing, such a renunciation is considered the supreme discipline. The coup succeeded. In the minds of sneakerheads, too, the Air Jordan had long since merged with the Nike brand.

The Nike Air Jordan III, designed by design legend Tinker Hatfield, was launched in 1988. Exactly at the right time. Because at that time Michael Jordan was considering changing manufacturers with his Air brand. Hatfield's Air Jordan III convinced him to stay with Nike.

With the AJ IV, Jordan Sneaker finally became a global brand. This model was also designed by Tinker Hatfield and marketed worldwide for the first time. For the first time, there were also several colourways at the same time. Since then, at least one new Jordan has been released almost every year. In addition to Tinker Hatfield, Dwyane Wade and Jason Mayden were added as designers, so that the Nike Air Jordan is now available in almost every shape and colour combination. Last but not least, Nike keeps fuelling the hype around the hottest line in the sneaker scene with special releases like the "Defining Moments" series and Jordan 4 restocks.
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Some of the Best Nike Air Jordans of All Time

As already mentioned, the Jordan brand is a brand with a great history. There are dozens of different Air Jordan models and each model has been released in many different colourways. And yet, over the last 30+ years, some absolute highlights have emerged that no sneaker collection should be without. We have summarised our personal five best Air Jordan releases so far:
#5 - Nike Air Jordan Retro XI "Space Jam" The shoe that first appeared in the world famous movie "Space Jam" has achieved cult status since its release. The first big release was in 2000, a big re-release was dropped in 2016 and the shoe has made it into many a sneakerhead's collection.
#4 - Nike Air Jordan 1 "White/Black/Red" A very curious story: Michael Jordan and the NBA were at war several times during his active time. This Air Jordan was his answer to the NBA's punishment of banning his original black and white Jordans from the field because they were too black.
#3 - Nike Air Jordan 3 "White Cement" First released in 1988, the White Cement was one of the first shoes to blur the line between streetwear and sportswear. It was also one of the first Jordans to have a huge commercial success overall, making it the first Jordan for many (new) sneaker fans.
#2 - Nike Air Jordan 3 "Black Cement" This shoe, designed by none other than Tinker Hatfield, has probably contributed to the fact that the relationship between Nike and MJ continues to this day. The shoe is considered a milestone in sneaker culture and for many, it is still one of the shoes that best balances tech and style.
#1 Nike Air Jordan 1 High "Bred" The original, the OG, the "Black/Red". The first Jordan ever. This shoe was the beginning of a brand that still has millions of fans all over the world. Not least because of this, the "Bred" is considered one of the best sneaker releases to date.
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